IT Pro Tuesday #256

Mon, 06/19/2023 - 13:06

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Welcome back to IT Pro Tuesday!

On the latest episode of the Security Swarm Podcast: "Real-World Guidance on Security Awareness Service" we discuss why employees need to be trained on security awareness, what type of training works best, and the practical challenges today’s businesses face in this area.

As always, we're looking for your favorite tips and tools we can share with the community... those that help you do your job better and more easily. Please reply or leave a comment with your suggestions, and we'll be featuring them in the coming weeks.

We’re also updating the full list on our website here. Enjoy.

A Training Resource

Learn Linux TV is loaded with in-depth tutorials, reviews and other instructional content from a passionate Linux expert with decades of experience. lawrencesystems recommends this favorite, "If you are looking for Linux-focused content."

Learn Linux TV

A Free Tool

Loss Budget Calculator is a Fiber Optic Association system design tool that calculates the sum of the average losses of all components, including fiber optic attenuation, connector loss, and splice loss. GoodMoGo explains, "I use this calculator for the basic planning and cross-checking."

Loss Budget Calculator

A Tip

A handy shortcut shared by Oliver: "In Windows, you can run anything as a specific user by shift + rightclick and choosing 'run as another user'

There are some caveats, such as the user you're running as may not have a local user profile, and that may cause issues. When running a program as a different user, things are done in that context—so if you go to save something to the desktop, it will save it to the desktop of the user you're running as. A great method for running RSAT tools on a non-privileged computer and account."


A Script

PowerShell HTML based Live Ping Monitor creates a live dashboard report for ping on an HTML web page. When you hover on any of the servers in the server list, it will show more information, such as IP address. Appreciation for this one goes to kunaludapi.

PowerShell HTML based Live Ping Monitor

Another Free Tool

Cosmos is a secure all-in-one, self-hosting solution that incorporates reverse-Proxy, authentication server, container manager, identity provisioning and SmartShield security technology. Kindly suggested by azukaar.


P.S. Bonus Free Tools

Omnivore is a complete, open-source solution that helps you organize and make the most of all the information in your reading list. Kalc_DK recommends it, ”if you are a knowledge worker and expected to learn and master new things quickly."

CodeSquire is an AI code-writing assistant that can provide code completions and suggestions as you type, translate your comments into code, and explain someone else's code in plain language. Writes code tailored to your code style and use cases and uses well-known libraries to help create entire functions without searching for library methods and parameters.

Have a fantastic week and as usual, let us know any comments.

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